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Rose Color Meanings

The color of the rose is very important in expressing emotions. The meaning of the color of roses are used to convey many emotions. Be it "I love you" or "I'm sorry," sending roses is the perfect way to send your message.
William Shakespeare Quote

What's in a name

That which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet

- William Shakespeare -

Single Rose Color Meanings

  Red Rose  


  Love and romance. A classic way to say "I love you". The red rose has been the traditional symbol of beauty and perfection. It is common sense to know that a red rose is a gift of love and attachment.  
  Red Rose  

Dark Red

  If you wish to make someone aware of the fact that they are naturally and most unconsciously beautiful, give them a dark red rose. If you receive this rose, take it as a strong compliment, after all, not everyone  can look beautiful without even trying, right?  
  Orange Rose  


  Passion and desire. Orange roses are vibrant in color and send a message of playful attraction.  
  Yellow Rose  


  True friendship. Yellow roses send a warm, joyful message of love between true friends and close family.  
  White Rose  


  Purity and innocence. The white rose is traditionally used as a symbol of new beginnings. If you wish to mend your ways and reconcile a fight, give the person a white rose. Not only does the sight of a white rose makes one smile, it also gives the message of reconciliation.  
  Lavender/ Purple Rose  

Lavender/ Purple

  Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, if you receive a dark purple rose from someone, understand that he/she has fallen in love with you at the very first sight. Lavender or purple roses are a symbol of enchantment.  
  Pink Rose  


  Elegance and admiration. Pink roses are feminine and graceful, offering a message of joy, kindness and admiration.  
  Blue Rose  


  A blue rose is given to show support and faith. Like, when a person is setting out on a new and adventurous journey, he/she is given a bunch of blue roses for luck and support. Blue-colored roses also make good gifts for newlyweds, as they embark upon an adventurous journey of married life!  
  Green Rose  


  A green rose symbolizes growth and energy. The color represents fertility, opulence, harmony, rejuvenation, renewal of life, etc. So, these roses are often gifted when one starts a new life. Green rose bouquets are also ideal for wishing good health or fast recovery.  

Combination Roses Color Meanings

  Red + White Rose  

Red + White

  When a bouquet of white and red roses is given, it gives the message of unity. It helps the receiver know that the giver wants to establish camaraderie between the two.  
  Yellow + Red Rose  

Yellow + Red

  Yellow and red roses look great together. Such a bouquet stands for celebration and happiness. So, if you want someone to know that you are happy for his/her happiness, send them a bouquet of red and yellow roses.  
  Yellow + Red + White Rose  

Yellow + Red + White

  Yellow, red and white roses give the message of flawless harmony. This is the reason why these roses are used very often by those involved in partnerships. It would make the fights much shorter, don't you think?